Happy Planner Dashboards

Sunday was a day where I didn’t feel like doing much of anything. Knowing that I would need to accomplish something for the day I decided to try an experimental craft, I transformed all of my old happy planner monthly dividers into dashboards. In order to do this I needed to collect a few supplies …

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Keto Burger

I wanted to go out for a burger and beer, I wanted to take the last night of four days off and relax and enjoy myself. I didn’t want to cook and I really didn’t want to have one more thing to clean. But hubby encouraged me to stay on track and the result of …

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Getting Out of Debt

I once said “I own very little, it sounds insane but I owe money on my house, cars, pool, paint, food, refrigerator and brains.” It was earlier today when I laid out the future of this blog, read here. I’m quickly following up that post with this one so the details of my current financial …

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