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5/28/2019 Weight Loss Update

I said previously I wouldn’t be doing too many of these diary posts. Mostly because I don’t think my life is that interesting, but since I haven’t done a weight loss update recently I don’t see much harm in doing this one.

200.8 I’m at 200.8 and that’s about 3 lbs down from last week. I haven’t been very dedicated, getting our podcast (completely unrelated to this) up and running has placed our family in overload. We recorded three episodes in one week and it’s interesting how sitting and talking for an hour can wipe you.

Cooking I have started cooking some new recipes from one cook book in order to try out enough of them to get a good feel for the book before writing up a blog post on it. Some of the recipes are already a staple in our household but I want to have a few more to talk about.

Intermittent Fasting I’m back to IF or Intermittent Fasting. The idea is that you fast for a certain number of hours each day and then limit the hours you eat to the remaining hours. For some people it’s a 16/8 schedule being that they fast for 16 hours (8 of which they’re sleeping for) and then eat normal meals for 8 hours. I do a 20/4 fast. I’ll be doing a post on what I know about IF soon, but for now this is working for me and it’s not as extreme as it sounds.

Keto I still eat a high fat low carb diet (when I’m on plan). I need to get better about sticking to it so I get all the benefits. The most important one for me isn’t weight loss actually it’s what ketones can do for my brain and my mental disability, I don’t go into too much detail about that here. Just a quick recap though I have bipolar disorder and Ketones help the brain process better resulting in my disability being managed more easily.

Daily Life Things have become interesting here and I’m excited about getting this blog off the ground as well as our other endeavors. I released my second freebie and I’m still waiting for any constructive feedback I may receive. It’s time for me to wrap this up but I’ll be in touch here soon.

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