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Woodland Squirrel Classic

I’ve developed a love hate relationship with creating planner stickers. I love using them and I love creating the sheets, but by the time I’ve got a set designed, printed, and cutting properly I’m usually so sick of it that I have no desire to use the kit.

This kit is very special to my heart because this was the kit hubby and I created together. It’s our very first kit and there was a lot to learn. I’m obviously still learning. This kit is designed for a classic happy planner.

As always if you love the kit make sure you save it because they will be retired as time goes by. Hopefully now that I’ve got a few of the kinks worked out of this process I’ll be posting weekly on Friday’s. A word of warning I am an amateur at this point and will appreciate any constructive feedback. These printables are free because this is a hobby, I’ve tested everything here on my end but if something doesn’t work for you please let me know so I can look into it.

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Woodland Squirrel Classic Pg 1
Woodland Squirrel Classic Pg 2
Woodland Squirrel Classic Pg 3

2 thoughts on “Woodland Squirrel Classic”

  1. thank you for these really cute stickers….so timely as I am at my summer Trailer now & see many squirrels!

    1. First thank you for the comment. Did you print all three pages? I had someone tell me the third page didn’t print with color and I’m not able to replicate the issue here on my end.

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