Woodland Squirrel Mini HP

I’ve tested this kit multiple times but this is a nerve-racking experience for me because I’m posting this and I haven’t tested it recently. In my efforts to get a freebie up every Friday I’m trusting my process and going with what I have in my completed files. If you find errors as always please leave a comment so I can get them fixed.

E-Mails Another item that is being tested this week is my automatic e-mails. Since there will be a new Freebie Friday each week the post should go out each Saturday in order to keep everyone informed.

No Spend Starting tomorrow I’m doing a no spend month. True to form I did do some shopping today to ensure I have enough to keep testing my kits for the next month, and do a few new things, and….Okay I just went shopping to get it out of my system.

Woodland Squirrel Mini Pg 1

Woodland Squirrel Mini Pg 2

4 thoughts on “Woodland Squirrel Mini HP”

  1. Last week when you did the 3 pages of woodland squirrels classic, page 1 and 2 were fine…page 3 however kept loading with no color. All the boxes and words and squirrels came up, just no color. After multiple attempts I gave up. Hope it was just me, but thought I would pass on Incase someone else was having problems.

    1. I printed all three files from a website download and all three printed for me with color. I would make sure that grayscale didn’t get selected somehow in your print settings. I want to thank you for giving me the feedback because it’s so valuable to my learning process.

  2. Hi, well I guess 6 is the charm number, tried twice more this morning…then again an hour ago and it worked… your guess is as good as mine as to what was happening. Did download same as all the other times. Just glad I got it to work, such a cute spread. Also, no problem at all with downloading the mini…1st download was perfect.

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